• 50W per channel RMS (100W total) into a 4ohm load

  • Quality audio output with less than 0.5% THD @ 50W

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity

  • USB 2.0 input for direct interface to your computer

  • Subwoofer output 1.5v RMS, 150 Hz fixed low pass

  • Digital Coaxial Input

  • S/PDIF optical input

  • Front LED visual display panel

  • 3.5mm Aux input

  • Multi-function IR remote

    Pric: 1135€ 

Front: Oak with nature oil
Front: Birch veneer with Gold oil
Front: Birch veneer with Blue oil
Front: Oak with white oil
Front: Birch veneer with black oil

Stewie Stereo speaker. 2x50w connet with Bluetooth,optisk,coax,aux price: 1140€